Protecting toe safety shoes is not safe


Yesterday, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau announced the results of 21 batches of protective toe safety shoes: the pass rate was 90.5%, including 12 batches of Shanghai safety shoes, all qualified; 9 batches of other provinces and cities, the pass rate was 77.8 %.

This spot check found that the main problem of unqualified safety shoes is that the front end pressure resistance index of the shoes is unqualified and does not have the protective effect; the outsole resistance of the shoes is unqualified, which will directly affect the service life of the shoes.

Yesterday, the two types of unqualified safety shoes exposed by the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau were: “Shenfeng” brand protection toe safety shoes produced by Haimen Shenfeng Special Footwear Co., Ltd. and sold by Shanghai Jingfen Labor Insurance Products Store, and its quality problems were serious; Jiangsu Rudong Dongwang Labor Insurance Co., Ltd. produces and “Shield King” brand protection toe safety shoes sold by Shanghai Pudong New Area Department Store.

The Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau reminds consumers that when purchasing safety shoes, it should be confirmed whether the manufacturer has a national production license for industrial products (not required for imported goods) and a safety mark certificate. In addition, the distribution company should be required to present the test report of the batch of products and check the validity period.