Brand is the way out


Due to trade barriers, purchasing habits and other factors, the export of Chinese safety footwear enterprises has been significantly affected. Coupled with the impact of the economic crisis on the global economy, there has not been a significant increase in overseas purchase orders, and the export situation is still not optimistic. In the case of a bad international trade environment, should our safety shoe enterprises break through this barrier and break down industry barriers? Perhaps it is still a common problem. Enterprises must strengthen their ability to innovate independently, build their own brands, and focus on improving the brand's inherent gold content. And no longer still take the old road of OEM.

      Our safety shoe enterprises can try to walk on two legs. Under the old road of guaranteeing export, we try to open up the domestic sales situation, strengthen the self-operated brand and self-selling ability, strengthen the construction of the sales system, and thus enhance the brand's competition in the international market. force.

      In the case of frequent trade protection incidents, the export of our safety shoe enterprises has been seriously affected. This requires us to actively seek new ways to cooperate with the efforts of our government to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our businessmen. The challenge is to take the opportunity, conscientiously implement the national policy, and resolutely oppose all forms of trade protectionism that are unreasonable.

     It can be seen that our safety shoe enterprises must turn the road of independent brands in order to reverse the dilemma. Only when we have our own brand, with a certain popularity, we can attract the top design experts in the world. After strengthening the learning and integration of design capabilities, we must be able to guide the consumption trend and guide the mass consumption, thus providing more guarantees for us to win the market.